Our Mission

The mission of the ACF is to develop resources to increase the ability of local nonprofit organizations to better serve residents. This work includes supporting local donors and agencies in targeting their resources to meet the most pressing community challenges. Our goal is to facilitate a culture of giving that engages residents and institutions to work together to enhance the overall quality of life in the region.

Benefiting the Antioch Community

The Antioch Community Foundation (ACF) is an independent 501c3 organization, created in 2014 through an investment by NRG Antioch. The investment was directed to help charitable and community programs, publicly owned community facilities, and activities that benefit the City of Antioch and its residents.

Between 2015 and 2019, the ACF awarded grants totaling about $35,000 per year to a variety of grassroots programs to support youth, schools, and civic celebrations. The ACF has also provided annual support to Antioch Parks and Recreation, and to the Antioch community‚Äôs Martin Luther King, Jr. Birthday Celebration. In 2019, the ACF created an annual grant funding cycle, now providing $50,000 per year to benefit the Antioch community. 

The ACF convenes an annual summit of nonprofit organizations, residents, and community leaders to help identify local needs, set funding priorities, and build upon a shared vision of community caring and support. Through this process, we have identified the following grant priority areas: Youth Services, Economic Security & Health, and Community Services.

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