Antioch Grant Priorities

The ACF convenes an annual summit of nonprofit organizations, residents, and community leaders to help identify local needs, set funding priorities, and build upon a shared vision of community caring and support. Through this process, we have identified the following grant priority areas: Youth Services, Economic Security & Health, and Community Services.

Youth Services

Specific activities/projects that benefit children/youth, including programs in academics, sports/athletics, and fine arts; at-risk youth support (counseling, mentoring, healthy lifestyles); pre-school reading readiness; and programs that support positive and successful parenting skills

Economic Security and Health

Programs/services that strengthen employment/skills training; increase access to health and nutrition; provide business webinars, small business classes, and community-based marketplaces; and support local hiring and job creation, particularly for hard to serve and underserved populations, including transitional age foster youth, low income, people of color, immigrants, veterans, reentry, disabled, and homeless populations.

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Community Services pexels-photo-6774452

Community Services

Public benefit activities, such as initiatives focusing on clean communities, public safety, human trafficking awareness, homeless services, and neighborhood beautification; programs and services supporting seniors and frail elderly; and community events that support recreation, arts and culture and strengthen civic pride.